lthms’ Projects


FreeSpec is a compositional reasoning framework for the Coq proof assistant that I have started during my PhD. It has been released under the terms of the GPLv3 license in January 2018, and is currently available on GitHub.


I think we can say I am an early adopter of pijul, the newcomer in the VCS scene. I have been contributing to the project since the release of its version 0.4 in April 2017.


Through the ogma project, I aim to provide a tool for storyteller to visualize in time and space their universes. The main result of this project is ogmarkup, a domain-specific markup language to write fictions whose parser has firstly been implemented in Haskell and then rewritten in Rust.


I am interested in building a small Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (very much like Slayers Online) for years now. The current status of the project is an Elixir library, called lkn-core.

You want to learn more about this project? Feel free to have a look at the project page!


When it comes to writing code, I very much like minimalist themes with almost no syntax highlighting. I first published on MELPA such a theme for Emacs called nordless. Then, I wrote colorless-themes.el which brings an emacs-lisp macro that allows to create very easily new minimalist themes similar to nordless.

My Emacs Configuration

I never took the time to have a look at Spacemacs, because I was too busy writing my own configuration.