Hi, I’m lthms

My name is Thomas Letan, and I am a formal methods researcher with a focus on proving the correctness of complex systems with respect to realistic security policies. For instance, during my PhD. thesis I studied how common firmware components rely on x86 hardware mechanisms to enforce security properties, why they have been subject to several critical vulnerabilities, and how formal methods might help uncovering similar security pitfalls.

I am calling myself a “functional programming languages enthusiast” for years now, my two favorite being Haskell and Coq. Since I believe in the benefits of free and open source software, I have published the result of my work under free software licenses. I have also contributed to existing projects. In particular, I am a regular contributor of pijul, a newcomer in the VCS scene. You can find me on GitHub, sr.ht and the Nest.

Finally, I enjoy writing. I try to blog (mainly in English) about my findings and experiments in the hope that it can help others. I also write fictions (mainly in French) of many genres, with a preference for fantasy settings. In the past, I participated to three NaNoWriMo challenges, and successfully achieved two.

If you are on the Fediverse, feel free to say hi!