Why I Will Continue to Use Pijul for my Toy Project

For lkn, I am using pijul as my distributed version control system (DVCS). Because pijul remains in an early stage, I cannot say using it “for a real project” does not come with some… inconvenience. Yes, pijul ate my data, as advertised. I can think of a few times where the tool didn’t want to record my changes properly. Also, the 0.4 has wiped out my history.

As recently as this weekend, I ran into a brand new bug in pijul record. Therefore, I asked myself: should I just quite using pijul for now? I mean, it is unstable and even if it is completely normal and understandable, when a new bug strikes, it still hurts. Besides, even a bug-free pijul has its drawbacks. The main one is: you lose the Github ecosystem, including Travis and all the integrated services which come with it (e.g. Coveralls). I have set up a Github repo for lkn. In comparison with the nest, there shall be no debate.

That being said, I will continue to use pijul as the main DVCS for lkn. I want to believe in the pijul promises and I want to be part of pijul becoming a real thing. I hope to contribute eventually, but in the meantime, actively using it is the best thing I can do for the project. I can report the bugs I find and give many details as possible while doing it. Yes, lkn is a toy project, it will not become “a thing” anytime soon, but it is still the kind of project pijul will be used for. So, yeah. Keep hurting me, pijul. I won’t say I like it, but I will deal with it so that maybe, one day, other could use you confidently.

That being said, I will try to keep a git mirror just because lkn might be of some interest for some folks and not everybody have to be threatened by an unstable bird.