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I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science, with a strong interest hardware-based security enforcement and formal methods. I am currently writing my manuscript and, if everything goes as expected, I will defend before the end of this year1. In the context of my research work, I have published one article[1] and two open source frameworks for the Coq proof assistant [2] [3].

In addition to my research, I enjoy functional programming in general. Incidentally, most of the content of this website will be about my experiments with FP languages, including Coq, Haskell and Elixir.

You can find me on the pijul Nest and on Github. I try to publish my hobbyist projects there, just in case they might interest or help someone. I also try to contribute to open source projects I use, although not as often as I would like. I also have a Mastodon account2.



The ultimate goal of the so-called ogma project is to provide to storytellers “a tool” to visualize their stories in time and space. Its main component at the time 3 is to define a specialized markup language called ogmarkup and to implement a parser in Haskell. Based of this language, I have published celtchar, to easily build a beautiful PDF for a novel.

The ogma two years old temporary logo
The ogma two years old temporary logo


The lkn project is an attempt to write a game server in Elixir. Its main component is lkn-core, a framework to create game servers which implements a home-grown ECS supervisor tree and a mechanism to dynamically spawn new instances for incoming players whenever it is necessary.

nordless-theme for Emacs

I spent quite some times working on my Emacs configuration. Originally, I was (and probably still am) a convinced and happy vim user, but I have switched to emacs as my daily editor since I started using Coq on a regular basis. The thing I have come to quickly miss the most, though, is the nofrils theme. After many experiments and iterations, I finally published nordless-theme.

On a side note, you can find my emacs configuration on this website.

A screenshot of my Emacs in action
A screenshot of my Emacs in action


I am an early adopter of pijul, an experimental yet ambitious patch-based DVCS. Since its first public release (April 2017), I have tried to contribute in several ways, from reporting bugs to implementing the feature I was lacking the most. In addition, I have initiated the nestling, whose purpose is to become a pijul web frontend“a la cgit”. I am also working on pi-hoole, a very lightweight access control solution for pijul.

Myself, pictured by keely
Myself, pictured by keely

  1. That is, 2018 at the time of of writing.

  2. This is a perfect opportunity for me to thank once again vhf for hosting It was fun while it lasted.

  3. July 2017.